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Student information

We are an association of students, for students, who are studying to become civil engineers in information technology at Uppsala University. It is a 5-year program where the first 3 years consist of compulsory courses in mathematics, technology and computer science. In the last two years, you can choose courses yourself according to your own special interests, which ends in an ex-job during the last semester. The education provides a broad knowledge of IT that prepares students to be able to take part in, or participate in shaping, the rapidly growing revolution in technology that is happening today. It is an exciting and dynamic field with excellent future prospects!


When we are not studying, in the section we organize parties, gasques, pub crawls and other fun during the study period. The section also arranges company events, branch surfing and other career preparation activities to prepare the best possible way out into the wide world. Studying in Uppsala is a fantastic experience, as the whole city pulsates with student life and reigns in ancient traditions at the oldest university in the Nordics. Everything from the student nations and the fresh campus areas to the rafting and rebus rally characterize the city in an academic and student body spirit. We want to share all this with you, so come study with us!

Tips and other good things to know


Dates and times

Course registration closes: 15 April

Reception begins: August 26th, call in the morning

Reception ends: September 10th



It is important to be in good time when looking for housing. With some property owners, you have to wait in line for several years before you have the chance to get a home.

The student residence
The student city
Uppsala home

In addition to these property owners, some nations also own homes and issue leases to their members.

Nations in Uppsala

Many of these pages also have a priority for freshmen (new students) during the autumn semesters.


Join a nation!

If you are a student in Uppsala, you should really take the opportunity to join a nation. Both to be able to participate in the nations' events, clubs, scholarships, association life, but also to participate in many of the corps' and sections' events that can take place in the nations' premises. The nations are divided according to most of Sweden's landscapes, but you should definitely not see it as a requirement that you are a member of the specific one you originate from. Many turn to nations that give them better deals, or are members of several.

During the reception, there will be an opportunity to register for the nation during day one. If you know that you may have problems attending then it may be a good idea to register in advance as some of the reception's events require a national card.


Grants and loans

Don't forget to apply for study grants in good time, and also to read through the rules and conditions. You can also apply for housing allowance at the Swedish Tax Agency and also scholarships from unions, nations and universities yourself.

Housing allowance
Scholarships at Uppsala University

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