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  • How do I become a member of the IT Section?
    During the first day as an IT student, you get the opportunity to become a member of the section. If you want to become a member outside of this opportunity, contact the IT board's information officer: Becoming a member is free
  • How do I get in touch with the IT Section?
    For questions to the section, contact the IT board at
  • Which campuses apply?
    You who study IT will mostly stay at the Ångström laboratory on campus for lectures, labs and the like. However, you are free to visit other campuses and you have access via your campus card.
  • What is the Scrub?
    The scrubber is the IT section's own section room. If you want to socialize with other IT people, this is the place to be. You can also buy a simple lunch and study snacks here. The scrubber is located in house 18, see the IT section's saved story "The scrubber" to find there.
  • What is UTN?
    Uppsala technologist and natural scientist union is the student union for you who study at the TekNat faculty at Uppsala University. If you are an engineering or science student, you should be part of your student union, UTN! Your student union is made up of three pillars, study monitoring, working life connections and student social activities. Read more on their website: union/
  • UTHgård, what is it?
    Uthgård is UTN's union building and is located on Polacksbacken. Here you can get advice and help from the corps' Leadership Group, heat your lunch box in microwave ovens or buy cheap coffee and coffee at student prices in UTN's café, Café bocken.
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